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Possible questions in the speaking about the topic the Mass Media:

  • Changes in the Mass Media during the last years.
  • Journalist’s role in the digital era.
  • Yellow press:  Do you think that pay much attention in celebrities? Do you agree o disagree?
  • Give your opinion about these statements.

Brainstorming and Mind Map:

The mass media

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Posible Answer:

The Mass Media involve Television, Radio, Press and of course, Internet, and besides,  all way of communication.  The Mass media can control the opinion public’s interests, and so that it has a vital importance nowadays. On the other hand,  Society never has had a great variety of information than ever before. Due to the use of new technology and specially the internet, we get the free information at the press of a bottom.

So, the role of the journalist and specially  serious press have a great revelance. It is very important that  journalists check their information carefully, and should have the obligation to inform their readers of the facts accurately. On the other hand, it’s very common that journalists concentrate their efforts on famous people, because it can appeal more readers, and therefore more publicity on their media platforms.

During the last years, Yellow press had become very popular and had attracted a lot of readers.  It is a kind of journalism which focuses on sensationalism and a way of exaggerating  news. Generally speaking, it involves famous people’s life, celebrities’s scandals, gossiping, Violent crimes, Royal family  and so on… It is covered by tabloids, magazines, websites… Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular and successful, and appeal readers’s attention with eye-catching headlines, impressive pictures and so on….. In my opinion, in some cases, the governments are interested in this Yellow press, because people’s minds are occupatied in these banal cases and not the nation’s real problems. It can be very worrying, because this way people have not opportunity to think or to give their opinions,  discuss the problems…..

As far as I am concerned, public opinion can be influenced by the Mass Media, and it’s a terrible situation, because this trends to make people stupid. People have to be aware that they have to read realible news and serious press, in order to be very well informed. So that, the society would create a good knowledge of their society’s problems and realize of the real situation that surround us.



(Examen Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Zaragoza)shopping centres

Vocabulary and Brainstorming:

Vocabulary and Brainstorming.

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Since few years back, we are seeing that malls and Shopping Centres are being more and more successful ways of purchasing in our lifestyle. They are huge buildings which are built on the outskirts or commercial areas of our cities. There, you can buy absolutely everything. A great variety of stores are there, in the same place, shops like: supermarkets, clothing stores, shoe shops… (and so on)… There, you can find a wide range of products, but specially you can pick up bargains because there are usually a lot of sales.

All products are well laid out, their window displays are very attractive, sometimes there are a pleasant music, a wide range of products, prices are clearly marked….Everything is thought to customers spend their money, and come back for their following shopping.

Some years ago, people used to buy in the little shops. People have everything at the doors of their houses. But now, many of Corner shops have closed.  Local shops could not compete with these malls.  And now, people do their shopping in this big shopping centres where they buy for the week, for a longer period.

Besides, you can have a lot of facilities to make you have your shopping easier.  They become a leisure centre. You can find cinemas, restaurants…. you can spend and enjoy all the day there, having a lunch, watching a movie, taking a coffee…. It is very common to see entire families spending the day there. It is considered as an outing. It is very important to have a free parking lot there. Besides, normally, these places also have a special place where you can leave your children attended by childminders while you do all your shopping, have sport facilities like ski slopes… (and so on)….

Malls are becoming in a successful way of spending your spare time. But, on the other hand, we are creating consumer societies. The most important advantage is that these malls create employments. But, in Today’s consumer society, malls and shopping centres are appearing as a fashionable way of shopping, and something, like unique to spend your free time, and these way of thinking can be dangerous.




 (Examen de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Las Palmas de Gran Canarias)



Stressful_society (2)


Mind Map

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 Sample Mind Map


The pressures of modern society can push stress to dangerously high levels. It’s becoming a very common problem in our everyday life. Even, It can get becoming in a terrible illness which can affect our lives.

There are a lot of situations which can cause stress. Although work is the major source of stress for many people, there are other ones like demanding studies, family troubles, noises, everyday responsabilities…that’s means the pace of modern life.  All of that can cause harmful physical effects, increase the risk of heart trouble, anxiety…. The most important thing is that you may know what level of stress you have, so that, you can get rid of your stress and you can have a nice and pleasant life.

Nowadays, there are a lot of quiet and relaxing methods which can overcome your level of stress. Do yoga or oriental exercises are fashionable methods, but there are other ones too, for example, start up satisfying activities relaxing hobbies… (and so on)… Besides, you can change your routine and wind down a bit.. so that you can be less stressed, also having a good laugh is a free way to relax, taking a break if you are run-down, trying  not to work quite so hard, hearing relaxing music…. (and so on). You can feel much more energetic after these methods of relaxation.

It’s not easy to make gradual changes in your lifestyle, but you can have long-term benefits  in your life. Changing your everyday behaviour, you can improve your health, because stress can become a horrible illness which will affect your life.

(This can give ideas to speak in your exam about 4/5 minutes).