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 (Examen de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Las Palmas de Gran Canarias)



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The pressures of modern society can push stress to dangerously high levels. It’s becoming a very common problem in our everyday life. Even, It can get becoming in a terrible illness which can affect our lives.

There are a lot of situations which can cause stress. Although work is the major source of stress for many people, there are other ones like demanding studies, family troubles, noises, everyday responsabilities…that’s means the pace of modern life.  All of that can cause harmful physical effects, increase the risk of heart trouble, anxiety…. The most important thing is that you may know what level of stress you have, so that, you can get rid of your stress and you can have a nice and pleasant life.

Nowadays, there are a lot of quiet and relaxing methods which can overcome your level of stress. Do yoga or oriental exercises are fashionable methods, but there are other ones too, for example, start up satisfying activities relaxing hobbies… (and so on)… Besides, you can change your routine and wind down a bit.. so that you can be less stressed, also having a good laugh is a free way to relax, taking a break if you are run-down, trying  not to work quite so hard, hearing relaxing music…. (and so on). You can feel much more energetic after these methods of relaxation.

It’s not easy to make gradual changes in your lifestyle, but you can have long-term benefits  in your life. Changing your everyday behaviour, you can improve your health, because stress can become a horrible illness which will affect your life.

(This can give ideas to speak in your exam about 4/5 minutes).