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Possible questions:

  • What do you think are the main causes of crime in your country?
  • Do you have any other suggestions for reducing crime in your local area?
  • Do you think the police should carry guns?
  • Do you think the death penalty is a valid form of punishment?


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Possible Answer:

Nowadays, Crime is a everyday’s problem for citizens, and causes insecurity and sorrows. There are a lot of kinds of crime, such as: kidnapping, murders, smuggling, forgers, arson, carjacking and so on…… In my country, due to the bad economical situation which we live at the moment, shoplifting, burglaries and drug dealing are being increased more and more than ever before. It’s thought to be caused by unemployment, poverty, social exclusion problems….. which are suffering our society. On the other hand, murders are not common in my country, but, one of the main causes of murder in Spain is Domestic Violence. Some men develop criminal tendencies because of numerous frustrations, and they accuse their wives or companions of their problems. they can become “real monsters”.

As individual we all can try to help other people not to be robbed or assaulted. It’s advisable that if you see someone who are being assaulted, don’t interphere, simply call the police. You could be injured, you try to help and keep the calm as far as possible. Besides, other measure could be that there would be more police in our streets, in order to keep an eye on us.

Crime represents a threat to the welfare society and it must be abolished. But, criminals cannot be reformed until they  are apprehended and brought to Justice. Phicologists and specialists are responsible for the welfare of criminal and carry them to live a good life in the future. Only those who commit the most serious  crimes are punished severely. On the other hand, they have to fulfill their sentences and pay for all the guilt completely. Criminals must stay all the time they have to pay for their actions in Jail, it means that they cannot come out earlier.

Community Service is the best punishment for young people who commit a minor offence. It is aimed to persuade teenagers not to reoffend. Criminal youngsters are punished with suitable punishments, like cleaning the streets, take care eldery people, paint white street walls and so on…. So that, they have a enriching experience and they can realize there can be helpful for the Society.

As for the Death penalty, I personally believe that under any circunstances, it has to accepted in any case. It is an eyesore, which has to be abolished. Criminals have to pay for their actions in prison. Nowadays, it’s a controversial topic, but in a civilised country it cannot be take into account.