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Possible Exam:


Organise these prompts before you talk to the examiners about the topic for 4-6 minutes:

  • The role of the elderly in today’s society
  • Retirement and free time
  • Residential versus home care.

( Escuela oficial de idiomas. Comunidad de Madrid)

Possible answer:

During last years, expectation of life has increased a lot and nowadays there are a great elderly population. These people need all ours care. Elderly people give us much life experience, give us company, affection, understanding, patience… and on the other hand, they sometimes feel alone, they can suffer from diseases, and even they can become dependant of other people…

Although, There are a great number of these people who feel themselves in a proper way. Besides, they have to feel helpful and have to fill all their time practicing …. Specially, ability exercises for their mind, doing handicrafts, take part in associations, outdoor exercises, take part in associations and clubs…. They should be kept busy and keep their mind active. They have not to be alone because this situation can end up to a depression. It is important their quality of life to be much better.

As for the third question, Elderly people sometimes have to choose about their future. They can not live in their own home, because they are dependant, and choose live in a residential centre. They are very taken care of in this institutions which has got a lot of facilities, monitors or instructors and besides take care of their health. On the other hand, It is very common the home care, which means that someone (a nurse…) attend their home to check them. It is a good solution because they can live on their own, being independent and at the same time, they are being assisted by specialized people.

As far as I am concerned, I think that National health services may have to be much cheaper for these people, and they must to have got much more assistance. Besides, people have to be thoughtful with them, take care of them, that they can feel they are appreciated… It is would be a good thing to reach an old age, but in good physical and mental conditions.