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  • Arguments for and against advertising
  • Censorship
  • What makes you buy something.
  • What particular advertisements you can remember vividly and why



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Nowadays, we all are surrounded by advertising. It is a way of showing people your products or services and make them are bought and used. It is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Nobody can scape of it. You cannot avoid it. Advertising world has been changing in a great way, specially with the developing of the Mass Media and Internet. We are been boomed with a lot of information. Most of it, it’s prepared to make us to buy goods.

Advertisements are run by Advertising agencies. They make wonderful campaign strategies in order to create a powerful brand building. Most of the products have to be promoted by publicity campaigns in order to be known by people and consequently to be bought.

There are a lot of types of advertisements. Some of them are playing with our minds. In a way that, there are passing us information that we don’t realize. Not always it works but in many cases, it does. Ads. Agencies are paid by sponsor companies in order to make that certain type of products are known by people. There is a great variety of ads.: some of them are very attractive, funny with nice music…. on the other hand, other ads. want you to think about their messages. These advs. make us to feel impacted and most of them remain in our minds. It is a main outline of advertising campaigns. But, the general propose is make you buy something. Not necessarily, it is a necessity for you, but with the advs., they create our new and false necessities.

During the last years, Internet has changed in a successful platform for publicity. It is cheaper, and reaches a bigger amount of people at any time. New technologies have been a revolution in the way of advertising world. It is the most important source of income for the Media. So that, it is so important to them.

In my opinion, we have to learn to distinguish what we need and we not need in order not to be affected by this advertising campaign, because this campaign’s destiny is for people who have not very clear ideas. People have to be aware what advertisement wants and think themselves what they need. On the other hand, Although, it helps to create a consumer society, advertising world move a lot of money and create a lot of employments.