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Possible Questions:

  • How important is money in today’s society?
  • Which is the safest way of paying for something? How far do you agree that people who regularly pay for things online risk becoming the victims of fraud or identity theft?
  • In the future, traditional forms of money, coins banknotes and even cheques will completely disappear within the next few years and be entirely replaced by credit cards and other mechanical or digital methods of paying. What’s your opinion?


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Possible Answer:

In today’s consumer society, money plays a vital role. We all are dominated by spending money and buying material possessions. As a matter of fact, having money can show your status in our society: having a good car, wealthy possessions, living in a upper-class neighbourhood and so on…. can be the representative of the real happiness. On the other hand, we are highly likely to have endless mortgages, high invoices, others instalments… besides, the standard of living has risen a lot over the last years, and we can see how families can’t make end meet due to their mortgage and the cost of living in general. It’s for that money is very important for us.

Since a long time ago, due to new technologies and the use of the internet, we can buy and pay by the internet. It’s a easy and comfortable way of payment, and it is becoming more and more popular, but it can carry fraud and cheating. With a credit card’s number, you can purchase absolutely everything on the net. And, it is very easy to have a identity theft and be cheated. Nowadays, there are a lot of research and studies to avoid this way of fraud, but internet is not the safest way of payment. In a press of a bottom, you can pay any amount of money. You can be aware of this problem, and be very self-conscious with your shopping on the web. In my opinion, I think that the safest way of paying for something is face to face, but nowadays we all are dominated by the internet, because is very easy to achieve goods and services on the net, by the way the Computer crime has to be pursued and tried by the authorities.

In the near future, Coins and paper money are likely to disappear and be replaced by digital methods: through mobile phones, advanced credit cards and so on…. It may occur but as far as I am concerned, I think that that moment may happen in a long term. Nowadays, there are a lot of people, specially elderly people, who don’t know pay by the internet and credit cards… but Banking in general work in this way, by the way Digital methods of paying and paper money’s disappearance will take place in a not too far future.

(This answer takes about 5 minutes. Money is a topic very important. It is likely to answer you about this. There are a lot of questions about this topic, but speaking about ways of paying and the role of the internet in this are the most populars in any exam).