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(Examen de la Escuela Oficial de idiomas de la Comunidad de Madrid)

The ideal of beauty has changed throughout history, which would suggest that beauty really is in the eye of beholder.

Organise these prompts before you talk to the examiners about the topic for 4-6 minutes:

  • Modern obsession with beauty
  • Beauty and Gender Stereotypes
  • Your opinion of plastic Surgery.

Enlace a los Examenes orales (speaking) de la Comunidad de Madrid

(2ª hoja).


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Nowadays, our society is getting stereotypes of prettiness. We live in a consumer society and material world and there is a lack of values, so we think that having a good appearance is an important thing. If you are physically attractive, it’s believed that it involves power and has a successful life.

Advertising and Mass Media play an important role on it. The tendency is to follow a celebrity who become fashionable or that mark the tendency in the beauty. In these days, there are several stereotypes which are very fashionable, like being extremely skinny, wearing brand clothes…. and besides, the way of behaviour: make-up, hobbies (and so on)…. This situation is very harmful, because it can lead to an obsession and mental illnesses…. specially in young people which are very vulnerable. Youngsters all look the same, they follow the same tendency: clothes, hair, make-up….. Young people are obsessed with this, and it can lead in anxiety, fear, frustration…. they don’t want to feel themselves like a weird. And this situation can be very dangerous.

Beauty world is a booming business. The vast majority of people spend a lot of money on cosmetics, beauty treatment, make-up…. People want to look their best, having a good looking, having fit… So, Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular. It’s the most extreme way to enhance the beauty. But, it can be very dangerous because it involves a surgery. On the other hand, people who suffer injuries on their skin can use the plastic surgery to improve their looking, and I think it is a helpful solution. In this case, plastic surgery play an important and vital role and it is completely necessity.

As far as I am concerned, I think you have to feel good with yourself, because beauty is a mental thing. And, besides, It’s very important to have a high self-steam in order to have a successful life and to be happier.

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