Possible questions in the exam:

  • Do you ever worry about the environment? Are you self-conscious about the environment?
  • What are the biggest environmental problems in the world?
  • Is there a problem with clean water in your country? If so, why is there a problem?
  • What can governments do to save our environment?
  • What can individual do to help the enviroment? Give reasons.


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Possible Answer:

Nowadays, our natural environment is suffering more and more the terrible human impact. At the moment, there are a lot of environmental problems, like desforestation, the destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, pollution in the air with traffic humes, and harmful chemicals which are released into the atmosphere,  pollution in the rivers and oceans with illegal effluents, sewage spills, industrial waste, drinking water is being contamined due to river pollution…. (and so on)….

All this take parts of a terrible situation and involves awful drawbacks in our planet. The destruction of the rainforest carries many animals are wiped out, fish supplies are depleted through overfishing, pollution is very harmful for us, besides, there are methods of electricity generation (which emit greenhouse gases), and contribute to global warming.

Our governments have to improve their natural measures. It is important to support  alternative source of power, like solar stations, wind power… These one should be easy to live and work with, safe, practical, cheap and clean. On top of that, they are higly productive and friendly with the planet. Besides, our goverments should have stricker laws and hard punishments for illegal hunting, encourage countries to control the number of trees are cut down, reduce gases emitted from factories (and so on)…

On the other hand, we all have to be aware about this problem, and contribute to conserve our planet, like: switch off the lights, ride a bicycle, insulate our houses, use public transport, use less petrol and electricity, save on water, recycle our rubbish ….. In this way, we all can contribute to conservate our environment and wildlife.

Our environment affects all of us. We share the same planet. We all have to be aware of the necessity of improve our natural world. The environmental organizations play an important role, but we all can do a little effort in being much more ecological.

(*Nota: El tema de “Environment” es un poco lioso. No hace falta estudiarse conceptos muy específicos ni ser un especialista en la materia. Sólo llevar las ideas claras y además que esas ideas sean muy sencillas. No hace falta entrar en mucha materia).

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