What social changes have resulted from the increased mobility of people around the world?
·        Multicultural societies.
·        Opportunity.
·        Xenophobia.
             Social changes have resulted from the increased mobility around the world. It’s a phenomenon which has happened throughout the history.
               People who lived in poor conditions have travelled to richest countries than their own, to be living in better conditions.
               Getting used to a new life, new language, new customes is very difficult and imply a long time of adaptation. This can create Multicultural societies, which can get a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage would be create a cultural diversity which all together could live in peace. It’s very important people open up their mind, encourage tolerance towards others ways of life…. So that, we can make the transition into a new society.
               People have to be willing to accept to other country’s people who coming to living with us. We can help them in order to create a much better society.
               On the other hand, there would be other disadvantages too. Sometimes they don’t adopt the culture of their new country. Ghettos and run-downs areas created to them. They live in it and they cannot integrate. So, it may appear xenophobia toward poorest migration, and it can develope in big riots and violent acts.
               As for the Opportunities. We live in a global society. At any time, the Company where you work can send you to work to other country. You and even your family have to be ready to this: open your mind, encourage to know other cultures, learning other languages….. you have to see the positive side and thinking it is an enriching experience.
               Apart from that, Governments have to get social measures in order to improving new housing to them, healt care to them, free classes to study the country’s language…
               As far as I’m concerned (I believe) that young people benefit greatly from living and working abroad. Living in a multicultural society enriches our lifes.Esquema (mapa mental) en Mindomo del topic Social Change:  (clicka en el enlace para ver el mapa mental)

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2 thoughts on “TOPIC 2: SOCIAL CHANGE

  1. Buenas. Me ha gustado mucho tu blog, puedo sacar muchas ideas. Yo me he presentado por libre al B1 y tengo el oral para septiembre, no sabía que iba por topics y me quedé un poco en blanco. ¿Sabes cuáles pueden ser los topics de este nivel? Me presento en Extremadura. Gracias.

    1. Muchas gracias Esther. Me alegro que te guste. Ánimo para el oral de septiembre!! Los topics en un b1 pueden ser los mismo que este blog, no es que cambien mucho. Utilizan distinto nivel de calificación. Topics posibles: amitad, citas, deporte, trabajo, shopping, educacion…. Este blog te ayudará, por lo menos para darte ideas…. En pocos días publicaré mi próxima entrada, el topic estará dirigida al crime, que también puede entrar en tu B1. Por cierto, las EOI se rigen por los mismos criterios..así que son los mismos topics en todos los sitios. Un saludo 😉

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